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Stop Voter Suppression in Ohio

Last week in Ohio, billboards bearing the phrase, “VOTER FRAUD IS A FELONY! Up to 3 ½ YRS & $10,000 Fine,” alongside a large gavel were posted in predominantly African American neighborhoods throughout Cleveland, OH. While the billboards’ statements may be true, the incidence of voter fraud in Cuyahoga, County is slim to none and the strategic placement of these billboards in predominantly African-American neighborhoods show that they have been designed with the intent of dissuading certain eligible Americans from voting. 

Election Protection just sent a letter to Clear Channel Outdoor asking them to remove the intimidating billboards that are popping up in primarily African-American neighborhoods in Cleveland, OH.  Will you do the same?  Sign our petition below and let Clear Channel Outdoor know that these billboards are unacceptable.

Clear Channel Outdoor