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We need real reforms - not more barriers to the vote!

Many legislatures have moved quickly to introduce and pass voter suppression laws arguing that they are necessary to prevent voter fraud and allowing for little or no public debate.

These laws do nothing to prevent voter fraud -- instead, they make it much harder for the most vulnerable sectors of our population -- the elderly, people with disabilities, students, minorities, and low-income citizens -- to exercise their right to vote.

In fact, study after study confirms that voter impersonation fraud -- what these laws are supposed to prevent -- doesn't actually exist.  Voter impersonation is already a felony under existing laws!

Instead of going after a non-existent problem, why don't we work toward real, positive reforms that expand access to the ballot box rather than restrict it?

Simple reforms like same-day (or better yet, automatic) voter registration and expanding opportunities to vote early and by absentee ballot would greatly expand voter turnout, reduce long lines at polling places, and strengthen confidence in our voting system.  Sign the petition below to show your legislators you support these measures!

America’s values are rooted in a representative democracy for all citizens. As we face an uncertain economic future it is even more vital that all Americans – especially those most disadvantaged – are able to use their fundamental right to vote to choose representatives that share their values. As you build your platform and policies for 2012, I ask you to please stand up against voter suppression laws and advocate for common sense measures that will create a truly secure and accessible democracy for all.

When states pass legislation requiring voters to produce government-issued photo identification, cut back early voting days, or eliminate same day registration they are putting the right to vote at risk for people with disabilities, the elderly, students, minorities, and low-income citizens.

I ask you to champion real reform measures that combat deceptive practices and voter intimidation, modernize our voter registration system with automatic registration and expand opportunities to vote early and by absentee ballot.

In 2012 we should be encouraging people to vote, not setting up more roadblocks.
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