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Speak Out Against Voter Suppression Efforts!

State photo ID laws and other restrictions on voting have swept the nation recently, threatening to roll back the hard-won right of American citizens to participate in the democratic process.  These new procedures threaten to discourage or prevent thousands or even millions of eligible citizens from registering and voting, including minorities, low-income persons, senior citizens, voters with disabilities, and students. 

The purported basis for the adoption of the new restrictions is the occurrence of voter fraud.  But studies have shown that there actually is very little fraud occurring, and there is no indication that any problem in this regard is increasing.  The real concerns about the adequacy of our election system involve the manner in which elections are being administered and rules that limit voter participation.  These are the issues that legislators and election officials should be addressing.

The State of North Carolina now has joined in the voter suppression efforts by adopting a voter registration purge procedure that directly impacts recently naturalized U.S. citizens, who are overwhelmingly African American, Hispanic, and Asian American.  The state currently is seeking preclearance from the Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act for this voting change.  However, the state’s own data show that the procedure is unjustified and that it will disproportionately burden minority citizens protected by the Act.

Our fundamental right to vote is too important for us to allow these assaults to continue!

Tell the Department of Justice to deny preclearance to North Carolina, and to carefully scrutinize all efforts to restrict and limit voter participation!

Department of Justice - Voting Section

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