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Speak Out Against Voter ID!

State photo ID bills and laws have swept the nation recently, threatening to roll back the hard-won right of American citizens to participate freely in our Nation’s democratic processes and to disenfranchise many voters including minorities, low-income persons, senior citizens, voters with disabilities and students. 

These proposals are truly a “solution in search of a problem,” since the issue they purport address – impersonation of voters at the polls by other individuals – is practically nonexistent, and states already have numerous protections in place to ensure that this type of fraud does not occur.  Therefore, photo ID requirements are NOT needed to stop potential impersonation voter fraud.  It is obvious that other, more partisan issues are at play here.  

Consider this:

·         In the 23 states that allow voters to provide various forms of non-photo ID, there have been no reported cases of voter impersonation.  So why are some states trying to restrict the franchise by enacting unnecessary photo ID requirements?

·         Studies consistently estimate that approximately 11 percent of voting-age citizens, including one out of every four African Americans, in the country (more than 21 million citizens!) currently lack a government-issued photo ID. 

·         Not only are photo ID bills unnecessary, they add millions of dollars to states’ already overburdened budgets.  For example, Wisconsin estimates that it will cost over $2.7 million to provide new photo IDs to students in the state university system that meet the standards of Wisconsin’s photo ID legislation.

Our fundamental right to vote is too important for us to allow these assaults to continue.

Tell the Department of Justice not only to deny preclearance to South Carolina, but carefully scrutinize other voter ID laws as well and force States to prove they are not discriminatory.

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