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Stand Up for All Children’s Educations

Congress is in the process of reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), passed as No Child Left Behind in 2002. During this time, it is important that Congress know that Americans want the current law to be amended by including some additional provisions that will better support the needs of America’s struggling, low-income schools, would yield further improved results, and allow us to provide better educations for all of our students. 

Congress should enhance ESEA by:

  • Maintaining a strong, effective, yet tailored federal role in ensuring accountability in the states through the elimination of gaps and barriers to learning in all schools, while recognizing and rewarding progress. This includes expanding the public and transparent reporting of all necessary data to identify all gaps and barriers to learning;

  • Promoting diversity and integration requirements and the reduction of poverty concentration in public school programs (including Title I, magnet, and charter schools);

  • Ensuring equity – particularly schools with predominately minority populations and high-poverty concentration – through the proper distribution of resources, including high-quality and effective teachers and principals;

  • Increasing and mandating effective parental and community involvement programs;

  • Ensuring civil rights protections in all programs and increased enforcement mechanisms as necessary through tailored federal intervention policies at the state and local level.

The Lawyers’ Committee has been advocating for the addition of measures that can address these goals to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and will continue to do so during ESEA’s reauthorization process this year. But we and our allies need your help to ensure that our country continues to work toward leveling the playing field for all of our children.

Tell Congress that you want all students to have access to exceptional educational opportunities – stand up for the futures of all of our children today!


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